What are tags?

Tags are a searchable and identifiable add on to your profile. They show what kind of work you do and what your trade/business is. For example, if a builder was also able to clean windows, they could select the ‘Builder’ and ‘Window cleaner’ tag. They will then show up on both of those searches and will receive the requests for both Builders and window cleaners. You can also select tags so that potential customers know what kind of work you do right away. Another example could be a cake maker, they would already have ‘Cake maker’ tag, but they may also add the ‘Wedding cake’ tag, this will then show site visitors that they specialize in wedding cakes without having to ask and will show up on the results when someone searches for wedding cakes. Every business will get 5 tags, or if you like you could upgrade your package to add more tags onto your profile. So with your 5 tags, you will appear on the search results for those 5 and receive the requests for those 5. The more tags you have the more requests and searches you will appear on.