Send Requests (for Visitors)

The send a request feature allows you to send a direct, in detail request to the trades you need. Simply click the send request tab, go into detail about what it is you would like doing, select tags associated with that kind of work, select the town, city or postcode you are in or require the work and hit send. This will then notify all the registered businesses with those tags in that area that there is someone seeking their expertise, they can then view the request you have sent, and if they’re interested in the job they can respond directly through our site. You can select multiple tags in one request, for example, if you needed a complete house renovation you could go into detail about your renovation plans and then select ‘Builder’, ‘Plumber’, ‘Plasterer’. So then all of those with them tags, receive that request. When you receive a reply you will see a ‘(1)‘ or however many replies you have along side the ‘Send Request’ tab, just click on the arrow alongside and you will see a messages tab, this is your message area. You can also check the requests you have sent by clicking on the ‘View sent requests’ tab, just incase you wanted to check you have sent out the request you wanted to.