Send Requests (for Business)

Please note: There is no fees included in the request feature, the only fee involved in our site is the monthly or yearly subscription. We take no money for work found on this site as we are not involved in the payment between the registered businesses and site visitors.

The send request feature allows site visitors who are in need of a job doing, to be able to send a direct request to the trades or businesses they need in the location they need it, with a detailed description about the job they need doing. They will also select tags associated with that type of work, and if you have them tags on your profile, and its in an area you are in, or willing to travel to you will be able to view the request and instantly message the request sender through the site and discuss the job. On your business profile menu you will have a tab that reads ‘View requests’. When you receive a request there will be a ‘(1)‘ along side the view request tab, or however many you have received will be highlighted in brackets. From here you can view the request, see the location of the request, the request description and the time of the request. If its a job you are interested in you can message the sender directly through the site. Once the sender has replied you will see another ‘(1)‘ along side the view request tab as you would if you received a request, just click on the arrow alongside and you will see the messages tab just below, this is your message area. As stated earlier this is all involved in the monthly subscription so you will not be charged for showing interest, replying or accepting these requests