Welcome to Skillhouse. The place where you can find your desired service instantly, and know that they’re willing to travel to you. Its simple: just type in the service you need and the location. Whoever appears on the search results is either from that location or willing to travel to it. Regardless of where the company is based, be it 1, 50, 100, 200+ miles from you. If they come up on the search they will travel to you. For office based services, they’ll appear if they deal with your local area. If your business is shop based then you can benefit from using Skillhouse to make people in your area aware of your expertise, as well as those passing through. Find out more about the companies that appear by looking through their profile. There you can find their photos, videos, link to their website, contact details and their biography.

Skillhouse local business directory is bringing together businesses from one side of the country to customers at the other, as well as locally. Eliminating waiting around for people to get back in touch with you, relying on the local to have an empty slot in their schedule or settling with the only company you can find. Skillhouse is helping businesses reach their full potential by maximising their job prospects and giving them a platform for them to tailor how far they are willing to travel to work giving them as much exposure as possible.

Welcome to Skillhouse.